Knitting for Dummies…

This week is for stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things. As my learning project is knitting, I wanted to make sure to try something that will benefit my learning. I quickly went to work to find an iPhone app that could help me with this.

I found two apps that interested my learning, one for my knitting and the other for screen recording on my iPhone.

Knitting Genius is a simple and easy app that helps both inexperienced and experienced knitters. It can keep track of your stitches, rows, pattern details, convert lengths of yarn or needles and so much more.

This easy and free app is a great learning resource for different stitches. As I’ve mentioned before, knitting uses different stitches throughout the patters. In this app they have tutorial videos that show you how to do many of these stitches, including directional prompts that explain what they are doing while the video is playing. I also loved how they were short and straight to the point and didn’t have any vocal commentary, as it is an app for various users from multiple countries. Knitting genius also provides many free patterns equipped with more individualized videos for it’s users. With an easy access menu to navigate through this app I would willingly give it a 5 star rating!

Record it! is an app that makes recording your home screen easy with the touch of a button!

Similar to Knitting Genius, Record it is a simple app that anyone could use. It is a free app used to record actions on your home screen to turn into a video. I was able to just hit record, navigate through my app to look at all the features and the app simply made it into a video for me. From there I was able to cut the video reel, edit the speed, add a filter along with a few other features. There is as well the option to record audio over your video so that you can give explanation to your viewers.

Below is a short video I made using both the resources above. I was able to record both video and audio, trim my video and export to YouTube all on my iPhone. I hope you enjoy!


  1. It’s awesome to see how you incorporated two apps into growing your professional development while also growing your knitting skills! I have tried knitting in the past but I am definitely not a master at it, thanks for the new app to try out!

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