Third Times the Charm… Again…

In my last update I left off with the beginning progress of my chunky knit blanket. I had measured my blanket according to the size of a blanket I already own and got started quickly. The following is the progress from about an hours work figuring out how to do the pattern.

Attempt 1

It started out great and I really got into a rhythm with each stitch. What I hadn’t realized is that I was making each stitch far too tight. With the yarn I used it’s best to have loose stitches with small holes in between each so that the blanket isn’t too hot. I decided to stop here an take it apart to try again.

Attempt 2

My second time around I was making my rows and stitches loose enough and keeping them even. The only problem with this round is that I had realized that I made it far too long. It ended up being too long in length and I didn’t have enough yarn to make it as wide as I would have liked. Even though I had put hours into finishing all of these rows I decided to pull it all apart again to start over!

I have run into yet another trial and error routine, which I am becoming more comfortable with. Previously I have talked about being a perfectionist and I hate failing at things. As this learning process has continued over the past weeks I have been becoming more comfortable with trying my best to follow the instructions and remind myself that it is okay to have to start over. With no failure there is no learning and that is something I need to continue reminding myself of.

This coming week I will be starting the process yet again and hopefully ending with a much better product! I will be putting on my relaxing music and working on it over the next few nights to try and get it right this time!


  1. Hi Brooke, I love this project, I think this might be something I try to do once the semester is over. How are you liking knitting with your hands vs. the needles? Is one easier then the other or are they both just as challenging?

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    1. It’s definitely a project you should try! I find it so much easier doing this project with my hands, I think because you don’t have to be too particular with what your doing! It was challenging to get started but after the first hour it was smooth sailing!


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